Frequently asked questions

Error when running bot - Missing assets?
If Nanobot is showing a pop-up about how it requires Flash etc. you'll have to download & install the following assets. Download assets Once downloaded un-zip the files and run the "INSTALL" file. Bot must be closed before running this file.

In-case the bot continues to complain once the "INSTALL" file has finished running, then you might need to install a different flash version:

Download flash version
Is the Nano products free to use?

Nanobot & NanoTool are both free to use and doesn't require any license.

We at Krypton believes everyone should be able to bot and realises that not everybody can afford a monthly subscription, which is one of the reasons why have decided to offer the Nano products up for free.

Future updates & support?

Another reason why we offer the the Nano products for free is because our time is limited. Our focus lies within our Krypton products - which introduces a completely new way of botting, with a technology more efficient than any other bot on the market.

This also means we doesn't offer active support nor regular updates / bug fixes (for the time being). We do our best to keep both Nanobot & NanoTool running by updating them once the game pushes an updates that renders them un-usable.

By only updating the products to the latest game version, we offer no guarantee about their safety - However there has been 0 bans reported for years and we wouldn't keep either the bot or tool if we didn't believe they were safe to use.

Virus detected?

Nanobot & NanoTool works in such a way that it manipulates memory to do various things within the game. By using this technology your computer might flag it as a false positive as it thinks it's harmful software.

If it wasn't obvious by the description above. Nanobot & Nanotool is completely safe to download, there is nothing harmful within any of our software which is used by hundreds of users.

In order to bypass the incorrect flagging of Nanobot or NanoTool, simply disable your anti-virus or add the programs to the exception/exclusion list of your anti-virus program.